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About Us
Triangle Construction Management Company was formed in May 1994. We are proud to say that our first customer still hires us to offer construction management for them. We think this symbolizes our dedication to building a good quality construction project with customer satisfaction. Another client has continued to hire us for over ten years while a third has been with us for over six years. We are not just your construction manager but partner with you for a successful project. Our proven project management skills continue to build successful projects year after year.

Company History 
Triangle Construction Management Company was started to provide government agencies, private companies and individuals a way to manage their construction projects in a more efficient manner. Over the years we have developed methods to provide sound management to help clients have more control over their construction. Most of our work has been involved with government agencies in managing single and multi-unit low income housing. 

We have always been involved in helping the private homeowner managing their building needs. However, in 2005 we started working more with managing the new construction of custom homes. Since this time, we have developed methods to help people design, obtain lending and build their dream homes by being their own general contractor or by better managing a general contractor of their choosing. Our proven methods help people build a better home at a more affordable cost. We help put the homeowner in control of their custom home building. 

Some of our Clients Include

  • Wake County Human Services, Wake County, NC 

  • City of Raleigh's Community Development, Raleigh, NC 

  • Town of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 

  • City of Goldsboro, Goldsboro, NC                                      
  • XDS, Pittsboro, NC                                                                
  • Durham Community Land Trustees (DCLT)                 
  • UBuildit, Cary, NC

  • Passage Home, Raleigh, NC 

  • Self-Help, Durham, NC

  • Downtown Housing Improvement Corporation (DHIC), Raleigh, NC 

  • CASA, Raleigh, NC 

  • City of Durham, Durham, NC

  • Raleigh Durham Construction Company, Raleigh, NC